About Quadrant

We Shape Perfect Solution For Your Company

In 2017, under RDS Group, PT. Quadrant Synergy International, as known as Quadrant, expanded their business into IT solution company. Seeing and understanding the extensive needs and massive growth of technology drives Quadrant to come as a trusted innovative IT solution provider, that able to give effective smart solutions to business in need.

As an IT consultant, Quadrant offers consultancy with structured and straight forward methods. All Quadrant experts listen and analyze customers’ needs, then provide applicable solutions that meet the needs based on industry’s best practice.

Innovative, trustworthy, and providing smart and effective solutions are what Quadrant brings to answer the growing needs of technology. Years of experience in business processes and document management enable Quadrant to provide sustainable solutions for their customers.

With expert teams, Quadrant provides software, system integration, and professional services on every industry sectors. Bringing passion, creativity, and warmth in every work are what Quadrant deliver as their culture. Quadrant comes with dynamic and creative young spirits as their new faces. This gives Quadrant confident and courage to always innovate and enhance solutions for the satisfaction of Quadrant’s customers.

Quadrant’s vision came from their desire to help customers focus on their core business. To achieve this, Quadrant strives to provide solutions that will make business user’s jobs easier, more effective, and measurable. Quadrant provide reliable and sustainable technology that suit each customer. This gives customers ease of mind, knowing that they are in the right hand.


To increase work life quality with reliable and sustainable technology


  • Providing innovative and continuous improvement to our customer
  • Developing capable resources through all stakeholders


Improve, Improve, Improve!
our strategy

Main Principles

Customer Focus

We focus on our customer's core business processes to give them peace of mind, knowing that they are in the right hand.


We believe one of critical success factor in delivering software solution is how intuitive the software is. This drives us to consistently enhance our software to meet current user habits.



All companies have their own uniqueness. Hence, our solutions are flexible to follow every need & situation.

Customer Strategy

Experience in business processes and strong analytical skill are combined to enable feasible solution for customer in need.

what we offer

Business Shaped Solutions

Agent Aid

Agent Aid is our digital solution focuses on agent interaction. Agent Aid makes agent work faster, smarter, more connected, and adaptive.


Cirrust is a web-based document management system that manage digital documents in an easy, secure, and convenience way.

Auto UW

Auto UW is an application that auto underwrite data through predetermined rules and functions.

Record Management System